Trip To Waldoborough

2018-08-09 12.25.24This summer I traveled to Maine with my friend Kathleen Herbert, a Rug Hooking Historian, to visit the Waldoborough Historical Museum in Waldoborough, Maine.   This museum contained several Waldoboro Style Hooked Rugs and we were very excited to see them.

Waldoboro style rugs have raised and sculpted motifs. The motif has loops that are pulled higher than normal and then clipped and sculpted creating soft beautiful designs.  This is a lovely example containing raised roses and scrolls.  2018-08-09 12.38.27You can see a bit more detail in the photo below. I am especially taken by the hooked basket.

2018-08-09 12.38.42

This is another fine example of a hooked rug with rose buds, and blue and white flowers.

2018-08-09 12.40.42

Reading about and seeing photos of Waldoboro rugs isn’t the same as seeing them in person; they are truly remarkable specimens . This road trip has inspired me to add the Waldoboro style of hooking to my “must do” list of hooked rugs to accomplish in the future. If you have the chance to visit Maine, I would encourage you to see the Waldoborough Museum.

Happy hooking,


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