Priscilla Primitive

2018-09-26 18.29.53PricilliaPrimitiveI recently finished my rug named Priscilla Primitive. Priscilla has been sitting in my stash for several years. I knew I would get to it eventually and recently I heard it calling to me….”hook me now! ”

In May I had plans to attend the Ragg Tyme School in Niagara-on-the-Lake, Canada (Ragg Tyme Studio.) And I knew Priscilla would be the perfect rug to hook.  I had contact with my lovely teacher Beatrice Grant and she agreed that I could dye all the wool I wanted and she would help me color plan when I arrived.

I researched this pattern by looking in rug hooking books and on the internet how others had color planned and hooked this rug and the few I had found had light backgrounds.  I thought it would be a good challenge to hook a dark background and I knew the Antique Black from Dorr Mill   would be perfect, and better yet I wouldn’t have to dye three and a half yards of wool.  I dyed a bunch of wool and used recipes mostly from Vintage Colors by Karen Hahle of Primitive Spirit and a few from Holly Hill Designs  by Susan Quicksall. the pinks and blues were soft, the greens were lovely, and I over dyed on different colored wool to make uniform and nicely blended flowers and leaves.

Bea was very helpful and I learned useful tips and techniques, such as the difference between Wide Cut and Primitive design, that I can do shading, and hooking with a large primitive shank hook is a must. I enjoyed this rug so much I finished in five months. The pattern, I believe was designed by Joan Moshimer and currently can be purchased from  Cushing Company

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