Exploration into Proddy


I recently re-discovered the proddy technique. I had always thought of proddy as a way to make pretty little flower pins, but why not think outside the box?  What else could I do with proddy?

Being an avid rug hooker and a dyer of wool, I had some leftover pieces of  pretty pink wool fabric from another project.  Reusing leftovers for an experimental project is something that frequently piques my interest, so I thought “why not make a very large proddy pillow?”.   For my experiment, I designed and made a Dahlia pillow (pictured above)

To make my Dahlia pillow, I first drew a circle in the middle of my backing material and then a smaller concentric circle within the larger circle. Then I started working the center of the flower. I used my Oxford Needle Punch (from The Oxford Company)  to place a combination of yellow yarn and yellow wool strips.

The next step was to rip my wool into usable size proddy pieces.  For that, I used my lovely wooden  Proddy Tool and Gauge  


2018-09-18 17.31.03proddytools

To do this, I snip along the salvage pieces every 3/4 of an inch and rip into long strips. I then wrap the strip around the proddy gauge and snip. This results in beautiful petal like pieces of wool.

Working from the back of the fabric backing, I then poke a hole with my proddy tool and poke in one end of the petal and then poke a second hole next the the first and insert the other end of the petal. This goes round and round until you finish to your desired size.

It is a satisfying feeling to poke and poke and poke and then turn the piece around to see the front of the flower pillow.

This is  second pillow I have finished recently.  I plan on sending the piece to Canada to a church that is being converted to a fiber arts center.


You can find two Dahlia Proddy Pillows on my Esty shop Ellen’s Hooked Rugs

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