Giving Thanks


Happy Thanksgiving to everyone here in the States and a belated Thanksgiving greetings to my Canadian friends.  With this blog I would like to share a story of the pocketbook pictured above and give a small gift to you.

I like to do a bit of travel in the rug hooking world and attend classes, guild meetings and workshops. I like to hook other peoples patterns and compose my own patterns to hook, and I love to learn from other hooking teachers. I am blessed with an inquisitive mind and the ability to travel.

Over a year ago I signed up with the Olde Cape Cod Rug School  with teacher Betsy Reed and her lovely helper, daughter Erica Tracey of Heavens To Betsy .  At this time I did not want to start hooking a large rug because I am currently working on a large, finely shaded one and I knew hooking another large rug would be too much for me. Having a small project would give me peace of mind for not having too many unfinished projects.

So I examined my goals for this weekend:

  • Small project to be completed in a few days
  • Self-created
  • Approach this project like a teacher would
  • use teachers wool selections and color pallet
  • Complete a project of utilitarian design

I drew a pattern on paper, traced it to linen and what you see is what was created in my weekend workshop. I am truly thankful for the fantastic time I had at the Olde Cape Cod Rug School, with my Teacher Betsy Reed, seeing and socializing with old and new friends and reaching my rug hooking goals.

This Pattern is my Thanksgiving gift to you all. I am available at Ellen’s Hooked Rugs   Shop for $1.00 as a PDF download with directions on how to make it.  I know I am thankful for the good things I have, for family and friends, for warm hospitality, and for your good company.

Happy Thanksgiving,



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