Christmas Rug: Past, Present & Future

Hello rug hooking friends and fellow fiber enthusiasts ,

I recently reviewed my hooked rug collection and found it was lacking in holiday themed rugs. I have flowers, dragons, deer, chickens, pigs and goats,  but I dont have holiday rugs. So, I am trying to remedy that small problem by beginning a long term project to hook a rug for each major holiday, beginning with Christmas and a Star of the East.

This is a peek at my Christmas themed rug  Star of the East and like Dickens’ A Christmas Carol it has a past, present and future.

IMG_1531 (1)closeupStar

The Star of the East is a 28″ x 37″ pictorial of the three Wise Men on horseback following the Christmas star. I purchased this rug pattern designed by Louise Hunter Zeiser many years ago from Heirloom Rugs.  This company is no longer printing patterns and the last catalog appears to have been printed in 1994. The pattern it is no longer available and cannot be copied due to copyright restrictions. The first and only time I’ve seen this rug completed was in the home of my rug hooking friend, Thelma Floyd.  She hooked the piece in a tapestry style with elegant colors and background of a simple green.  I loved the pattern the minute I saw it.  But when I purchased this rug I wasn’t confident in my ability to hook this very detailed pattern so into my stash it went.   Now, years later, I felt it was time to hook Star of the East as the first of my holiday themed rugs.

This pattern is unique, not only it its lack of availability, but in that it is an Anglicized version of the Wise Men, or as my daughter said “where are the camels?”.  I thought this pattern had beautiful horses with stunning tack and lots of detail to explore. I  also thought that with its small details it would be good for bright hued value swatches that I could dye at home and contemporary fabric  with sparkle purchased from Ania Knap at Ania’s Creative Design .  So, I began my journey with the Star of the East at Betty McClentic’s who is also hooking this pattern.  I have to say it looks very different from mine!

I believe this rug will be finished in the near future and at some point hope that Betty will allow me to photograph her rug and share it with you. It would be awesome to see these two rugs side by side and let everyone see how differently we both explored its design elements. I hope that some day some other hooker will have the opportunity to hook this beautifully challenging pattern and make memories of their own.


So, that my story of the Star of The East, it’s past, present and hopefully it will have a future. May the story of this beautiful rug continue.

I wish you all a Happy Hanukkah and a Merry Christmas.

Hugs, Ellen


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