Valentine Up-Cycle Silk Heart

img_1623 (1)frontsilkheart

Hello Fiber Enthusiast Friends,

Happy Valentines Day! You deserve to be loved. And in keeping with this months’ theme of love and friendship, I thought I should make an up-cycled project that would be fun, easy and use found fibers.  And so here is my Friendship Sachet. A cute little lavender sachet hooked with silk. It’s a hooked heart that you can easily make from your own stash or from my kit on Ellen’s Hooked Rugs @ Etsy

Most people probably have some unused silk ties hanging around their closet or at least can buy some funky extra wide silk ties at their local thrift store.   It’s a bonus if we rescue fabric from landfills in these projects because the apparel industry  is a significant polluter and we want to leave our planet a better place than we found it.

After collecting my used ties I began to deconstruct them. First, I ironed the fabric to remove the wrinkles and make the fabric easier to cut.  While doing this, I thought why not use the lovely red die in the ties and transfer some of the red die to my smaller pieces of natural wool and use it for the backing of the silk sachet hearts. I was very pleased to find a second way to up-cycle. img_1635colortransfer

Pictured above is the fabric roll I used for transferring dye from the silk tie to the natural color wool, and the end results. This material is a perfect match for the silk sachet hearts.

Next I drew a small heart onto my backing, cut the silk ties with my #10 cutter and hooked my small silk heart. After my hooking was complete, I put some fabric glue around the edges, let it dry, and cut. This step is to prevent the backing from fraying while hand-sewing.  The next step was to sew on the wool backing by hand turning under the seam allowance and leaving a small opening to insert the batting, lavender and leftover pieces of wool snips from your last hooking project. Up-cycled material again!  If you dont have snips and scraps, of course use batting.

Now you have a lovely silk sachet, enjoy!

I hope you liked reading about my up-cycled silk heart.  If you are interested, you can find a few kits posted on my Ellen’s Hooked Rugs @ Etsy

Happy Valentines Day!  Ellen


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