Welcome to my rug hooking adventures


Hello rug hooking friends,

I am thrilled to tell you about my latest adventures in the rug hooking world.  Pictured above is the rug I designed and hooked for Wool Works, a magazine for wool lovers.  

This wonderful opportunity fell into my lap and before saying yes I had to ask myself several questions. Would the pattern design be easy for beginners?  Nice enough for experienced hookers to want to do it? Would I be good a making a deadline or taking photos? I was a bit worried.  But I also love a challenge and said yes!

So, here I am with my first published work, and I may have a few more. Thank you Melanie for giving me this opportunity.  If you would like to see the article and rug it can be purchased at Wool Works.  In June you will be able to find the pattern on my Ellen’s Hooked Rugs @ Etsy

Another exciting adventure I had recently was when I attended an open house at Lucille Festas at her Lollipop Farm in Vermont. The Open House was held in her rug hooking studio and we all know how much fun it is to see others’ work space. The walls of dyed wool were beautiful to look at.unnamed  I also attended the  Hook-in the next day at the Manchester Country Club and met old and new friends. Well that’s all for today.  Happy hooking,



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