Finishing a Round Rug

Dear Rug Hooking friends,

I was recently at a the Ragg Tyme Rug Hooking School in Canada. I had a lovely time and would highly recommend going if you get the chance. It is run by Ingrid Heironimus of Ragg Tyme Studio of Ontario Canada.  While there I took a wide cut class taught by Tina Cole. I truly believe that we can learn something new from each class we take, and Tina’s class was no exception. I enjoyed my time with her and follow classmates enormously and learned more about spacing my loops on my hand torn rug. My project was a small 22″ round mat by Woolen Memories called Bee Skep. In the following paragraphs below I will tell you step by step how I finished this round mat.




First I measure out 2″ from the hooked edge of my rug. I make a dot with my industrial marker from Sharpe. I mark the 2″ dots completely around the edge of the hooked motif.




The next step is to connect the dots with the marker making a complete circle.  I do this by hand. and its easy when you dot close together. 



The next step is to apply a thin bead of fabric glue to the completed drawn circle. Make sure you use a glue that is specifically made for fabric. I find my glue at my local fabric store.



After the fabric glue dries, cut the excess backing off on the outside of the marked and glued circle.



This is a photo of the scrap linen backing that I removed. I pull off many of the threads and save them to use for sewing. They blend nicely into the backing and are nice and strong too. I use them to sew the prepared edge onto the hooked backing.





This photo is of the linen thread wound onto an empty spool, and of the needle I use to sew with. 



I next baste around the entire edge of the rug and gently gather the material by pulling gently on the linen basting threads, making a ruffle. This is when the gathered edge when pulled is turned toward the center of the back of the rug . You can see the hooked back and how it is gathered.

IMG_2114 After I gather the edges and distribute  the ruffle evenly I turn under the raw edge and steam it. This step keeps everything in place while I sew the steamed edge to the bottom of the rug. I know many of you dislike finishing your rugs and the way described above is nice and easy.  Hope you give it a try.



This is the finished Bee Skep rug. It’s happily residing in my up stairs bathroom and my feet are happy when I stand on this soft and squishy rug.

Happy hooking,  from Ellen’s Hooked Rugs.

6 thoughts on “Finishing a Round Rug

  1. Ervina Donovan

    Ellen, I love this tip, especially reusing the gorgeous linen I use! I cannot bring myself to toss it! Thank you! Ervina


  2. Darlene Pezza

    What a great idea. Thank you for sharing. Curious what size cut did you use? Do you have any tips when hooking with a wide cut?


  3. Janice E Rohwetter

    What a great idea and clear instructions. Thank you. How do you find out more about this Rug School. I looked online but didn’t see anything. Thanks!


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