Too Cute Bunnies


Hello Rug hooking friends,

I wanted to tell you about my latest finished rug and the process I used to create this pattern on the spur-on-the-moment.  This rug, Too Cute Bunnies,  was started in Canada. I had signed up for a “Wide is Wonderful” class with Tina Cole and completed the hand torn project with time to spare.  You can see the completed hand torn rug on my last blog.

I wanted to make a small table topper project as a birthday gift for a special friend. But how could I do this while I was away from home and all my pattern making tools? this is a brief description of what I did.

masking tapeFirst I purchased a piece of linen from the rug school store and put masking tape around the edges so it wouldn’t unravel while I worked on it.


Then I googled what a Netherland Dwarf rabbit looks like so I could free-hand draw the rabbit on a piece of notebook paper. The notebook paper limited the size of the bunny I would draw, but that was fine with me because Netherland Dwarf rabbits are small.

template (2)After drawing the bunny on the notebook paper I cut it out on the line, creating a paper silhouette or template.   I then choose to make a pattern with two rabbits facing each other so I made sure I knew where the middle of the rug would be and placed the template so it would be on one side of the middle. Using an industrial sharpie marker I trace around the template on the backing. and then did the same for the other side.


This is a paper pattern showing where the bunnies were placed and drawn. I hooked the original pattern before I could get a photo of it on the linen.

I enjoyed this process of using templates and have done similar patterns using templates that I have hand-drawn. I would encourage you to give it a try. Of course you can find this paper pattern on my Etsy shop.

Please feel free to contact me with any questions or comments.

Happy hooking! Ellen


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