A Trip Down Memory Lane


Hello Friends,

September is here and Fall as arrived. The air is cooler, children are back in school, apples are crisp and my latest rug has been finished.  The rug pictured above is Skaket #109C, Cranberry Bog, a pattern from Heirloom Rugs, designs by Louise Hunter Zeiser. To my knowledge this special pattern is no longer available.

Many of the rugs I hook are chosen because they have a special meaning to me and my family. This rug is special because the place where I live, Sisters Three Farm, has a 100 + year old cranberry bog. This bog was created by the settlers who lived here over 350 years ago because it is a natural depression which collects water.  It is surrounded by an old field-stone wall to keep the livestock out.  At the end of winter it fills with melted snow and rain, it then comes alive with the first peeper frogs signaling that spring has arrived.

My Bog has a life cycle all it own and come fall the wetness has dried enough that I can walk out upon the peat-moss and around the wild cranberry bushes.  I have fond memories of my children and I gathering enough cranberries to make relish for Thanksgiving, taking our favorite goats for walks, and finding my girls floating in a tub in the deepest part of the bog. This is a special place and holds special memories.

Skaket Cranberry Bog ( 2.4′ x 3.9′) was hooked using a #5 cut and two 6 value swatches of green. The green swatches were from a finished project and I did have to dye some more to complete this.  The background was several ugly pieces of brown wool over dyed with a recipe called Compost.  Thrift is important it me so using leftovers is a good thing.


I hope you enjoyed this trip down memory lane with me. And I hope it will inspire you to hook a rug that reminds you of your special memories.

Happy rugging,  Ellen

2 thoughts on “A Trip Down Memory Lane

  1. P. Berglund Miller

    My father (1926-2004) spent many of his youthful years harvesting cranberries in bogs near Plymouth, MA. Seeing your beautiful rug reminded me of him and how hard people worked then. Thank you for sharing!


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