Where Do I Begin?

Dear rug hooking friends,

I’ve been a rug hooker for many years and I’ve hooked and taught many different size rugs and many different styles. And one thing they all have in common is the question  “Where do I begin?”

Well, there is no single answer to that question.

Sometimes, when I’ve been away from hooking for a bit I feel rusty and I dont want to begin on the most important part of my rug, the main motif. So I’ll find a smaller design element in the larger pattern and begin there.

IMG_2647 Perhaps the rug pattern needs some type of outline. The pattern shown here has many flowers and I wasn’t up to tackling them right away. So I needed to ease into the pattern by starting with an outline. That also helps me to see if my loops are pulled high enough for the style I am looking for.

IMG_2649There are times when it is obvious where you need to start. This happens for example when you hook a flower. You should always start with the petal on the top and work your way to the last almost hidden parts of the flower.  That does not mean that you have to begin with the biggest flower in the rug as your first item to hook. I would like to suggest that you start with a smaller flower, hook that and build your confidence, style, technique, then move on to your larger images.

Do I begin with my background? No, but I might put a bit in here and there next to a motif to see how it works. And it’s OK to jump around a bit, especially when you attend a workshop or class so you can get instruction for all the places you will need help with.

So, where should you and I begin? It’s our choice. Just begin where you are comfortable and your rug will soon be done.


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