Ellen’s Winter Rose Basket

Dear rug hooking friends,

We are into the month of February and the winter, although mild here in New England, continues.  Yes, the sun is starting to rise earlier and set later, but the sky during the day is overcast and heavy with clouds.  I believe my location and seasons strongly affect my design and color choice of my rug.  Does this happen to you?

This new rug is called Ellen’s Winter Rose Basket.

IMG_2096 (1)


Ellen’s Winter Rose Basket was designed with a black and off-white color plan. The off white is a spot dye that has soft golden browns and a tinge of antique green. It is hooked with a #10 strip and so it gives a soft plush feel under foot. This makes the rug perfect for stepping on with bare feet and we all need to pamper our feet in the winter. The darker spots were selected to give some sense of depth and shading of the rose petals.  The stems are a lovely antique green and with the basket I use the same wool as the roses.
This pattern is so easy to hook – it’s relaxing and enjoyable.  You can take this pattern and use your own color scheme to complement any room in your house. Perhaps a pink rose and gray-green background for a young girl’s room or colors to complement your kitchen.

IMG_2098 (1)
Take a look at the interesting border of this pattern. It was hooked higher than the other loops in the rug. The loops were pulled high and at different heights then cut. The cut loops make the rug look and feel soft and plush.

I use this rug in my guest bathroom which is decorated predominately white and black. I will post the pattern in my Etsy shop soon.
I hope you have fun hooking Ellen’s Rose Basket.

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