Standing Wool Mats

Hello fiber friends,

I know some of you already know about standing wool rugs and quilling . It’s been around for ages, but I thought it would be fun to give you a peek at my projects.

Below is a recent project in the works. I’m filling an antique silverware tray with quills of wool.

The following photos are of the steps I use to make my mats using the salvages from wool yardage.

Tools I use

I use heavy thread, scissor, doll needle, pins. Then I find two salvages that have contrast.

Two contrasting salvages rolled together
Use the doll needle to sew them together
Continue sewing quills together going through multipletimes
Sew from one side through the middle

You can make cute flower shapes or just random shapes. The design is up to you!

Below are a few of the standing wool mats I’ve made over the years

Small 8 cut quillies I use on my dye tray
End table mat using sewn zig zag salvages
Top view of my end table mat
Close up of the new tray work

I enjoy making things from my wool scraps and I hope you will give standing wool mats a try.

Happy Hooking , Ellen

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